Educomix posters and cartoons designed to your specifications.
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Personalised posters
Personalised posters
Personalised posters

Personalised Posters

Generic Health and Safety posters
Generic Health and Safety posters
Generic Health and Safety posters

Generic Posters

We have a wide range of generic posters available. You also have the option of having specific, generic posters customised to suit your company requirements.

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Too few Health and Safety and other poster topics can limit the effectiveness of your company's poster program, personalised posters are noticed and discussed by employees and can deal with specific issues highlighted during inspections and by incidents.

We can design custom stickers in poster format according to your specific company requirements.

Any design within the Educomix poster range can be transformed and formatted to a self adhesive sticker.

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Main Categories...


Posters, Stickers and Cartoon Story Boards designed to your specifications to facilitate training in the following main categories:

  • Occupational Health and Safety - Comprehensive coverage of OSH act + legislation.
  • Quality - Topics as outlined in ISO 9000.
  • Environment - Get your employees to buy into your environmental policy.
  • HACCP - Encompass the 7 principles now!
  • Staff Wellness - Address HIV, TB, Flu & other epidemics in the workplace.
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    Posters can be custom designed according to your company's specific requests and requirements.

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